Testofy Use Cases for HR Industry

  • Pre-Hire Assessments

    Getting the right person for the right job is onerous. With Testofy, Quickly and accurately shortlist quality talent from the large pool.

  • Induction Assessments

    Measure the level of understanding of new recruits about the process in the organization including work methodology, health & safety measures, environmental issues, etc.

  • Training Assessments

    Assess your workforce across all trainings. Ensure your team is equipped with latest skills and knowledge to create more value for the organization.

  • Appraisal Assessments

    Evaluate employees' skill, efficiency, promptness and knowledge in the simplest manner. With robust analytics, Testofy enables technology-enhanced appraisal process.

  • Lateral Hiring Assessments

    Internal recruitment can be really tricky because of an existing perception or bias for or against an employee. Assess the real capability of the candidate without any presumption.

  • Exit Assessments

    Hearing from the ones leaving you is equally important. Provide an exiting employee a right stage to speak out without hesitation & fear. Judge real reasons with intelligent questions.

  • Surveys & Opinions

    Conduct advanced Online Survey & Opinion Poll that allows you to conduct surveys and opinion polls to understand stakeholders' preferences and expectations.

  • Contests

    An online contest is a fantastic way to organize a talent hunt and also to market your product or service. Conduct quiz contests, code tests, hackathons and more - Totally Online!

How it works

Cutting-edge online invigilation and proctoring options to ensure

Create Tests

Quickly and easily create tests on the fly, locally or remotely.


Schedule Assessments

Schedule multiple assessments from wherever you are for a later date and time.


Invite Candidates

Invite candidates on a click through Email & SMS.


Remote Proctoring

Proctor your exams remotely with features like Navigation block, Copy/Paste Block, Video Proctoring & many more.


View In-Depth Reports & Analytics

Generate great graphical reports. Assign your timeline and fetch information relevant to you with great ease.


Review and Notify Candidates

Detailed graphical and textual analysis of candidate�s performance � Section wise, category wise, overall across a period and more.


Enable your Organisation with Testofy and make your talent evaluation process efficient, effective, fast and economical.

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Remote Proctoring

Cutting-edge online invigilation and proctoring options to ensure authenticity of tests.

Block Copy Paste
Block Navigation
Question Randomisation
Webcam Proctoring

Benefits Of Testofy

Cutting-edge online invigilation and proctoring options to ensure authenticity of tests.

Greater variety and authenticity in the design of assessments.
Improved learner engagement, e.g. through interactive formative assessments with adaptive feedback.
Choice in the timing and location of assessments.
Capture of wider skills and attributes through simulations, e-portfolios and more.
Efficient submission, marking, moderation and data storage processes.
Consistent, accurate & unbiased results with opportunities to combine human and computer marking.
Immediate feedback mechanism.
Accurate, timely and accessible evidence for future reference.

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